You Can See it From Worlds Away by Valerie Cheers Brown

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I have written about Japan on numerous times and will continue to until heard by my society of the United States of America.

I am proud to be an American but when it comes to respecting, ethics and laws, I get pretty worried.

We repeat the same thing over and over again and it does not tend to quite sink in and as Albert Einstein’s famous quote states, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Isn’t this what we do when we show the same things over and over again on the news?

The one which really worries me is many American entrepreneurs or companies honestly do believe that the ‘Customer comes first?”

Since when did the customers come before the employees which without them, you have no customers?

Shouldn’t we be going to school all year round and even after that, learning is a lifetime process and is never assigned ages or years to complete if you ask me!

Could this perhaps be why Japan’s children are so smart?

I know they are and have been given the pleasure of studying with them at Saint Louis University and I watched them what they eat, how they eat, how they study and how they are just damn smart in so many ways we as Americans could learn many things from.

I once did a blog, many of my blogs have not even been seen before, but I know what I do and God knows is the reason they are here, on how the schools in Japan cut down on strangers being around their children and not only that, how the children are taught responsibility and they have no janitors in the schools!

Wow, what we can learn from other cultures is and/or classes in themselves some of us adults as teachers and leaders could use way before college!

Isn’t it worth bragging about something as important positives of people’s lifestyles of another culture and why they don’t have high numbers in things we in the United States are ridiculously not paying attention to it would seem on purpose?

Do we ever do or hear reports on the television on how high numbers which need to be low numbers are decreasing and people’s health care not needed because of themselves healing themselves using safe homegrown God’s green earth foods?

Isn’t something as important as one’s health or illness and disease rates going down and/or people’s health is improving something worth reporting to encourage others?

You would think with something as important as one’s health, the positive news would be more open for ears than negative news about side effects of medicines, wouldn’t you think?

Wouldn’t you think that with all the side effects advertisements that as a nation would open our eyes and open our ears and begin to do our homework on how we can take something besides medicines with side effects like perhaps, God’s green earth foods?

Let’s start bragging on how the United States health problems are improving instead of getting worse and how sickness and diseased people are improving by them changing their lifestyles or even changing their water and changing their lives? going down and/or people’s health are improving and brag about that?

We need to learn so much about Kangen water which Mr. Oshiro from Japan makes sure is used in hospitals to heal bedsores in 1-2 days!

Why is blood type important in Japan and not in the United States?

Now shall I say anymore and what does this tell you?

When do we in the United States use those words ever, “Our top story is about a medication healed somebody?

You won’t hear it!

When was the last time you heard anybody on the news saying how something healed something?

You didn’t until you heard about Kangen water?

You want to hear more, let me know?

Would this not be something worth bragging about for others countries to want to follow our lead on the news?

God is the leader of this world and we should all be following His lead and not any president, pastor, doctors or human being’s man-made prescription medication!

Well, since we won’t do it on television or on social media God has assigned and given me the job me to be the blogging blogger with good news on how we can improve some of our flaws in this country.

Don’t you get sick of hearing how bad cigarettes are for your health yet they are being sold?

What do we do about this?

Shouldn’t this be an eye opener for those who bother to open their eyes?

Did you know that good natural tobacco could heal and even help cure diseases such as Dementia or even Alzheimer’s which by the way, you don’t even have to be old to have?

I will tell you this much: Any thing that grows from the God given green earth when properly and safely taken care of takes care of your health if we allow it to and do it ourselves and gain knowledge by researching before believing what the people say in the media.

We in this country need to find things out for ourselves, help ourselves and then share that good news to the world don ‘t you think?

We in this country also should not be afraid to break rules in order for new ones to come around which honestly mean to help and improve with testimonies!

If anything helps just one, isn’t that progress?

I just want to begin a positive force which will be reckoned with by yours truly Valerie Cheers Brown.

If you like this and look forward to more positive and helpful information let me know by emailing me at and thank you!  Also let me know if I am being too biased and if I am and was told I was in college, please I need to know!

Please let me know if you want more and thank you so much.

Love, peace & blessings!

My one word will always be GENEROSITY!









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