Generosity by Valerie Cheers Brown

BY Valerie Cheers Brown
Once upon a time, a selfish, rich investor hired a blogger. The rich investor wanted the blogger to find the best way for him to make the greatest profit in everything he did. The investor was building a huge portfolio, and his greatest dream was to fill it with inspirational and motivational stories which not only helped himself but others who read them and one day even own several publishing blogger specific companies.
The investor was shut away for months in his study, before finally believing he had found the best stories. But he soon found there were some errors in his judgment , and he started all over again and would keep on thinking until he felt good about what he thought the people would want to read.
One night he appeared at the blogger’s house, with a big smile on his face: “I found it!” he said, “I think I know what the people want!” The blogger was going on a long journey the next day, and didn’t have time to listen. He promised the investor he would listen to him when he got back. Excited by his new discovery, the investor was delighted to accept.
When the blogger returned, months later, he found that all of his writing was gone. Furious, he went to ask for an explanation from the investor. The investor calmly told him what he had done. He had given everything away to people. The blogger couldn’t believe it, but the investor explained it further.
“For months I analyzed how a blogger could gain the maximum benefit, but what I could do was always limited. There’s always a limit to how much one man can do by himself. Then I understood the key was that many people could help us to achieve the aim so this is when I thought about partnering and sharing . So the conclusion was that helping others was the best way to get more and more people to benefit us.”
Disappointed and furious, the blogger stormed off, desperate at having lost everything to the hare-brained schemes of a dreamer. However, while he was walking away disconsolately, several mentors ran over, worried about him. All of them had been helped when the investor shared out the blogger’s stories They felt so grateful to him that they offered him the hospitality of their publishing companies and anything such a special blogger might need. The investors even argued over who would get to help him.
Over the next few days, the blogger saw the full results of what the investor had envisioned. Wherever he went the blogger was received with great honor and such respect, and everyone was willing to help him in whatever way they could. He realized that his not having anything had given him much, much more.
In this way, he managed to quickly set up flourishing blog publishing companies, but this time he followed the brilliant mentors and investors advice. No longer did he keep his blogs hidden away or anything like it. Instead, he shared out his stories and blogs among a thousand of people and friends, whose hearts he had converted into the safest, most grateful and fruitful of stories.
Moral: Generosity
Main Lesson: Everything we give to others will, sooner or later, return to us, whether or not it be in a form we expected

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