Drug Interaction Checker by Valerie Cheers Brown

There is no sure evidence of drug interactions or what in the medical lingo, drug contradictions, a word I learned while studying in nursing school.

The list is so long even many pharmacist don’t know them all, but you can make sure by using a drug interaction checker.

Please find the Drug Interactor Checker below and please feel free to share this with a loved one or yourself who is taking many prescribed medications.

If you are taking herbs, prescribed medications, OTC. you have to be careful to make sure that they can be taken together.

There are so many prescribed medications which cannot EVEN be taken with grapefruit juice which can result in serious situations and/or  even death.

NOTE: It is better to make sure before taking any prescribed medications and to this you can use drug interactor checkers, nursing drug handbooks,  and Herb and Supplement Interaction Checkers:  Drug-drug interactions

In order to proceed to the above drug interactions, you must read and agree to the following terms.

Dr. Oz has great information on “The Most Common Deadly Drug Interactions.”

At least 1.3 million Americans are at risk of premature death due to taking combinations of prescription or over-the-counter drugs that can trigger dangerous interactions. Are your meds putting your life on the line? Click here for an Herb and Supplement Interaction Checker.

Here is the Medscape Multi-Drug Interaction Checker where you can insert the drug, OTC or herb supplement name to make sure it is safe to take together and with what is it okay to take with.  Here you can enter a full drug regimen and view interactions.


There are so many nursing medicine books and you should own one if you are on prescribed medications and make sure to research any medicine which any doctor prescribes and ask questions people!

In closing, here is a very good talk by David Juurlink SMACC Chicago talk ‘Drug Interactions That Can Kill (and How to Avoid Them)’ takes us on a journey of drug interactions, case studies, and avoidance strategies.

Drug Interactions That Can Kill (and How to Avoid Them) – David Juurlink

There is a podcast here and also slides for your knowledge and I hope that I can help at least one person if not more by sharing this information.

P.S. Please take your medications as directed and from the bottle and not a pill box!




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