Turn Down for What? by Valerie Cheers Brown

I am working toward keeping quiet when sometimes I just want to SHOUT! – Valerie Cheers Brown 🙂

This is a story about a girl who never was afraid of life challenges and she would do things others would perhaps, may or may not even dare consider doing when it came to working hard.

When I say she would do things, I mean she would not stay on jobs long at all and she got bored easily and when she learned, she was ready to move on to another!

She would try many different kinds of job in her whole entire lifetime and what amazed and intrigued this girl even more, was the jobs others thought perhaps they were too good to do, but to her these type of jobs  were a challenge and life learning experience she would be able to add to her final destination of life one day as an entrepreneur!

You see this girl was always up for the challenge and because she loved learning new things and meeting new people from around the world she was always gamed.

This girl loved learning new things and meeting new people from around the world and so she set out at a very early age of not staying one place too long, mainly on jobs.

You see, this girl considered great learning from not staying with one job for too long and she also considered this to be her culture calling journey experiences which only were given from God and He gave her all the more courage to not worry about what others thought nor said about here. and depending on what job she knew she would get to meet people from around the world, she would not stay with one job for too long.

Depending on what job she knew she would get to meet new people from around the world and be able to observe and learn their work ethics, so she would not stay with one job for too long at all but she absorbed so much knowledge and especially cultural work ethic knowledge.

Most would consider this type a person who had problems with keeping jobs not dependable, and she had been considered by many to not being dependable by trying many different jobs and not staying with one long as some people would say is good so you will have retirement pension, etc..

This girl did not think like this at all and she thought with all of this vast experience she deserved way more than any pension could ever pay, so was a free spirit not thinking like others and was gaining all this knowledge learning about how to treat people exactly the way she wanted to be treated no matter what kind of job it was.

This girl had worked as a waitress on her very first job of her life as a teenager for a man who gave her something which she would never forget and that was how to make the customers happy by being happy first with how you were treated by your employer was most important. In order to run a successful business she learned that the employer had to be a happy employer, then would produce happy employees and most importantly would have the same repeat happy customers who you could count on for you business to survive and thrive for many years to come and even would help the next generation of employers with their beginning.


She learned that if there were happy employers they would produce the happiest employees and this was because of the owner/employer who thrived on making his employees happy and made the atmosphere so positive that you loved and looked forward to coming to work.

Happy employees were the best workers to make happy customers she learned very quickly, therefore, she served happy customers who kept on coming back because of their overall good customer experience.  She learned that the overall customer experience was what not only what brought that customer back to you, but made that customer share that experience with somebody else, and this was up to the employer to make this happen for his employee through thorough leadership and customer red carpet treatment training, and this is the job that stuck with her and helped her throughout working life journey.

She made over $50.00 in tips a week and this was in the 1960’s from that waitress job and this proved what happy customer experiences could do for you when you leave a lasting impression with that paying customer and give them a great customer experience.

Never Stop Learning Nor Moving

She had so many jobs, but in particular, which was most interesting and she was paid the most highest salary in her life again, was working as a casual for a well-known trucking company but she had fun working there too and it was not just about the money but she loved learning about everybody’s jobs and she actually knew how to do them all and this job was known as a Casual.

She really loved this job because it taught her how important being versatile genuinely was and she had to be trained to do every job in that company and when a person took a vacation, was sick, had to travel, etc. she knew how to do that particular job and she knew how to do each employee’s job well, maybe too well?

Again, she was trained to do every job in that company and when a person took vacation, was sick, etc. she picked right up where they had left off and knew how to do the job but, sometimes she did the job so good that the employee whose place she would take would get or become very intimidated and would begin to say bad things about her and caused her to lose her job because they felt threatened.  She had this to happen to her a lot on many of her jobs in her lifetime and had no intention of doing this to anybody at all nor forever until what normal people call retirement came.

She felt very valuable in a sense, and it gave her this sense of feeling of knowing how to do every single thing in the company.  Sometimes, she realized that she had to play dumb, but then she thought, “Why would she do something so dumb by playing dumb when she knew she perhaps knew how to do the jobs better than the person whose job it really was?”

She lost many jobs because of the employee she either reported to or worked with getting really intimidated and even felt threatened and had many to tell her they thought she was trying to take their job.

It would really hurt her feelings and she did not know how to explain to her family why she would lose jobs so often, but it did not matter to her because she knew how hard she worked.  She knew that one day that all of this vast amount of knowledge and experience would pay off and would help her to be a good team player one day with a team of her very own. She did not realize that she was setting herself up to really become an entrepreneur one day.

She knew that one day that all of this vast amount of knowledge and experience would pay off and would help her to be a good team player entrepreneur one day with a team of her very own. She did not realize that she was setting herself up to really become an entrepreneur one day.

She did not realize that God was setting her up to really become an entrepreneur one day.

She sort of felt like a CEO, but not like one because most CEO’s back then just drove big fine cars, nobody really knew or had seen them before, dressed in suits and did not know nor knew what our jobs were and thought they were being paid to do nothing in actuality.  I often wondered how to do absolutely nothing but get paid and tell others what to do? It sounded very boring to me and even if I owned the company I would have to play a part but also know how to delegate as well.

Little did these employers know that God had sent her and she only wanted to learn what they did or didn’t do and get the heck away from them and that job.  She could not understand how anybody could get on a job and stay there forever, and also did not understand why there were so many folk who were so very afraid of change or stepping out on faith and just doing it!.

This girl did not realize that this was part of God’s plan along her journey to do all of these things which one day she would be able to share and help others and inspire and motivate somebody else.

God was setting her up to become an entrepreneur one day having her very own team and so the journey begins with angels she was working with and she did not even know most of them.

This girl really sometimes felt like a CEO waiting to happen, but not like what she would call a normal CEO because most CEO’s back in the day as some do right now today, just drove big fine cars, you hardly ever saw or sometimes never knew who they were, dressed in suits and did nor knew how to do absolutely anything their anything their employees they were writing and telling what to do, yet got  paid big bucks to tell others what to do that they knew nothing about?


The next job we will discuss was working for a very well-known trucking company.  But the one thing about this job that she could say was that she was paid the most money she had ever made on any job in her life and she made over $500.00 a week and this was after taxes.

She was a union member also and back then shop stewards took care of their hard working paying members and made sure they were paid accordingly, especially when you were having unions dues taken out of each and every check once a month. J

It was so strange and ironic that she would never forget about paying her initiation dues when she first started and it was $500.00   She made so much money a week she told them to take one whole paycheck and got it all out of the way immediately.

She later wondered if she was not only being paid what she had allowed them to take out of her paycheck at one lump sum?

This is what made her wonder or say to herself, they are only paying me what I paid to them, only I paid it once and I got it once a week after taxes on my paycheck.

She was in heaven and thought she was rich and this was in the 1980’s and was a lot of money for a no degreed person to be making!

This was one of the main reasons this girl wanted to learn about all of these different things on so many different jobs because she knew that one day she dreamed of being an entrepreneur of her very own team of players from all walks around the world.


Her next job that she found pretty interesting that had been labeled a dirty job was being a maid and she got this through a temporary job agency and loved it while studying college later in years!  She knew that she could not make a lot of money nor have many hours and when going to college, you could not work over 30 hours a week before they messed with your Financial Aid and she was already having problems not having enough to eat so this is why she continued working odd jobs or jobs which she gained so much knowledge especially working with people of different and other cultures.

She ended up working with other cultures from around the globe and learned many things about Bosnian women and how important family was to them and they knew how to work together as a team and got the job done so well and she loved this work experience working with them and talking and listening to them.

What she loved so much about them was how they had time to just sit back and relax without anybody crawling down their necks because they did their job so well and in less time than the others employees.

She also loved learning a lot from her Hispanic coworkers and friends who she highly respected how they worked so well as a team and they made the work experience be fun and we had amazing fun laughing, singing, and dancing with towels total fun.

She learned a lot from everybody but her own people and this did not mean just blacks but Caucasians too, and many of them seemed threatened when you worked well with others and felt like you were there to take their jobs.

This was the furthest thing from this girl’s mind and she wanted to learn how everybody worked together making it fun and wanted to get out of there carrying that wisdom and knowledge with here one day when she had her very own team as her very own entrepreneur.

In closing what she learned from this job working for a five-star hotel was that no matter what you did when it comes to work ethics when you don’t speak up, you are part of something if anything went wrong and when you see everybody’s jobs being affected because of somebody else’s laziness you should always speak up!

What she witnessed as she was shadowing a trainer on her first day was she observed the person not changing the customer’s sheets in that room. The person training her’s reason being was that they were staying all week and they would not know the difference.

Immediately a red light lit up in my head and when I was asked what I got from my training,  I simply let them know what this person who was supposed to be training, and not set a very first good impression had shown and told me to do.

I did not feel bad about reporting this at all and after all, this would have affected myself too and I was standing right there in that same customer’s room, and I would have been just as guilty as the one not changing the customer’s sheets if I had not spoken up.

Anyway, to make a long story short, they changed her job duty to turn down maid and this was when you turned the customers bed down, put chocolate on their pillow and water on their nightstand and that was it and she even got tips also for doing this, but if she were not there many times she would not get them?

She even found out that she had thank you notes for her which were left and she never even got them nor ever saw them.  She just left it alone and took this as more experience to learn from and also experience on how not to treat your employees nor your customers.

The hotel management’s reason for switching this hard working girl was that she would do a good job at turn down.  She did not know what the heck turn down was until she actually did it on the job and she learned a lot from that experience.   and to make this story even shorter, by having me doing this, they did not have to pay an inspection person anymore and I let them know when sheets were not changed and I would dispatch down to have somebody come up and strip and tear the bed down and had the customers sheets changed right then and there while she watched them do this..

Now, to make this story even shorter come to find out by having this girl doing the turndown job, they did not have to pay an inspection person more money and would pay her less to do the same job.

She was sort of more an inspector than a turndown person. This girl also learned you better learn how to keep your mouth shut too!   She would let them know when sheets were not changed and she would dispatch down to have somebody come up and strip and tear the bed down and had the customers sheets changed right then and there while she watched them do this.

This is what doing turn down means in the hotel world industry!

So she said all of this to say, “Why Not Turn Down?”







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