Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep by Valerie Cheers Brown

“So many different things happen to you when you finally connect with your soulmate.  You eat better.  You sleep more.  You wanna stay in the house lil more.” – Prince


“So many different things happen to you when you finally connect with your soulmate.  You eat better.  You sleep more.  You want to stay in the house lil more.” – Prince

It is so sad that so many people are dying so much younger these days isn’t it?

I quit taking all prescribed medications many years ago, and I thank God that I had faith in God’s healing and I thank God for helping to be strong willed and alive long enough to tell my story about why I say no to drugs, all drugs!

I was on so many medications I really didn’t know which one was causing the things and changes that were occurring in my life because I was on so many. I was on depression medication, anti-depressants, pain medication, nerve pain medications, nausea medication, you name it; I was taking it.

I even tried street drugs and my drug of choice was cocaine because I was in so much pain.

I realized later that I had to get closer to God while I was still able to and make a change in my life and I prayed and asked for forgiveness and rebuked my sins.  I also asked God to show me a way to heal myself with something other than medication and drugs and He did and this was the hardest part of my life but I am here and alive and very blessed.

You see the medication had a way of making you feel sick, especially when you stopped taking them abruptly, so what I did was pulled my nursing pill book out and this is when I began researching medications and what could be taken in their place and it was hard and I did not realize all of what was in each medication which really could have killed me, if I had kept on taking them.  I was taking so many medications and I mean deadly medications which I have seen many dying so young from.

I was taking prescribed medications which had not even been FDA approved and was a guinea pig I guess you could say, and finally when one of the medications I was on did get approved, I began seeing and hearing so many people saying they were taking this medication that this really made me politely begin to research which I had found doctors were using them for any kind of illness, disease, pain, etc.  They were using them for anything and just prescribing them to anybody who was stupid enough to take them. This particular pill I am speaking about is the same one that legendary Soul Train’s Don Cornelius was taking also.

Also, the one which is being said Prince last took, Percocet, is one that I flushed down the toilet and they did not help any pain for me but made me really sick!  Also, when my mom who had MS was in pain they gave to her and she took so many that they clogged her up and she lost control of bodily functions and I do mean all bodily functions! Was sick and they gave her so many of those things that I tried to get her to stop taking but eventually they clogged my mom up so badly, she could not even take them anymore!

My mom was so very sick and she wanted them so often that they stopped prescribing to her, thank God!  I tried to get her to stop taking but you know how that is when somebody is sick and in pain, they will take anything when trying to get it to stop hurting and they also made you sleepy so you did not even have to worry with pain then.  It is so sad isn’t it and when in pain, you don’t think about the consequences, but pain is pain and if you have never had you would not understand at all.

My main food which helped me to get off of the prescribed medications and the street drugs was different teas and found a health food store in University City which is no longer there and the things which they had, like the little bitty packs (about the size of sugar you put into coffee) of sherbet tasting Fish Oil which was very rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and they were very expensive and there were like 3 months’ supply in one box, flaxseed oil was my best friend to cleanse those toxins out of my system, sour cherries, and I ate a lot of boiled eggs! I found out caffeine was not good when taking a lot of medications and so this is why I used no caffeine green teas. I also took this one little pack of stuff and cannot remember the name but it was like cod liver oil.  I drank no caffeine green 24/7 both cold and hot!

I also learned to meditate and get to a happy quiet place.  This is when I began with the chamomile teas and also used no caffeine and this tea relaxed me and kept me from becoming depressed and trying to get prescribed medications out of your system can take some time and even when we think they are all out they can get into our blood and nervous system I found.

Anything that was grown from the ground was my new best friend and smoothie and the juicer also becomes your best friend and this way you can put all of your colors which are beneficial for healing your body. Beets is one thing I never really liked so throwing beet juice or a piece of beet into the blender or juicer with some pineapple, strawberries, you can never even taste it.

I was taking medication that was making me sick, and when I would tell the doctor they would give me something else to help with the making me sick, i.e. Reglan and come to find out that I was allergic to this medication which almost killed me, but I held onto the bottle until the ambulance got there thank God.

I won’t list all of the medications which I was on, but I can tell you this much I am seeing so many people dying and all of the medications which many who have or am dying were the ones that I took myself and thank God I am off of right now.  It had gotten to the place the doctors were writing so many prescriptions that I would just not tell them I would not fill them, but just started collecting them and not filling them.  Sometimes I would take to the pharmacy just to see if they had records of all of the medications I was taking to make sure that the new refill had contradictions.  They would always put directions on the script bag, but it was ironic that they never told me it was okay or not okay to take with the other medications I was on. It is amazing how fast my doctors would take out those medicine pads and just starting writing and would ask me was I allergic to anything. I only found out when and after I had taken the doggone medications that I was allergic, so I knew there had to be a method to my madness and that was to stop taking them all together.

I had to check for myself to find that I should have been dead a long time ago with all of the stuff I was putting into my system had I not woke up and began healing thyself. I found it quite amazing how fast my doctors would take out those medicine pads and just start writing before they even checked me and only went by what I had told them.  It just goes to show it is not the doctors fault actually that you take all of that medication that they write out for you, but common sense comes into our lives which is rarely used these days when it comes to believing in doctors and their prescribed medications.  We know our bodies, not the doctors and they only go by what we tell them.

My pharmacy rarely stopped me from taking a medication because of contradictions with many other medicines I was being prescribed.  I thank God that He gave me a calling for nursing school and it really helped me a lot know about medications and what they would do if two medications were taken together that had contradictions.

I never understood why doctors would ask you, “Are you allergic to anything?” Then when you tell them you are, they then ask you, “What did they do to you or how did you feel?” I found out that when we tell them this, this goes on the list of side effects which they add to their list in the book, on the bottle and on those famous tv commercials which show Americans how stupid we really are when they are blasting paid commercials running actual ads for these medications with side effect and this is one main reason I choose not to watch the television anymore.

If something is not good for you and has all of those side effects should it be a crime that they are selling them or even running commercials on them?

Just to think that these are legal drugs on television with many side effects?

Anytime one person tells you after you took a prescribed medication that they could not breath should be a red light and make them take that medication off the list of FDA approved anything and what person in their right mind still takes them!

You would think that anytime one person tells you after you took a prescribed medication, that the side effect was that they could not breath, should be a red light and make them take that medication off the list of FDA approved anything!

I have tried so many foods which grow from the ground to sometimes just not eating at all and making sure that those medications got out of my system. I sometimes think that the nerve pain that I sometimes have is from all of those prescribed medications I was taking which is bearable thanks to music!

I had never prayed so much and it was so hard breaking an addiction of taking so many medications and none of them were working, but only the first time that I would take them and after that, it seemed like they were not working at all.  I do believe this is when and if we allow ourselves to become addicted we do become addicted and rely upon manmade pills or medications to cure what hurts us and they don’t, not at all. And when I say an addiction I do mean all drugs and this is what drugs will do for and to you when you become reliant upon them.

We want the pain to go away so bad that we mentally and psychologically believe that the medication will help us when we take it, but you are only making matters worse and clogging your system and cells up and they become so toxic.

Please don’t think that only street drugs make you to become addicted, because prescribed medications are just as bad and the bad thing is they are legal and you let and/or allow those prescribed medications become your best friend and when they don’t work when we take them, we take more and more and eventually you will become addicted or dead or both! And when all else doesn’t work when it comes to prescribed medications then we go to OTC drugs and them mixed with many prescribed medications is very deadly, and when nothing else works and when that doesn’t work, we take another and another. If this is not addiction, I don’t know what isn’t?

I later found out that the only time the drugs work is the first time you take them and this was the very same thing the cocaine did for me also.   They claim you self-medicate, but if you have never been in pain you can call it what you want but you want the pain to go away.  And cocaine did this and if it were only for a few moments, it was a relief to have that second of relief!

I thank God that I was strong-willed and just decided that this was not the way of life for me and so I prayed, I got closer to God and asked Him that if He would help me get away from this way of life, I would never look back and so I did.

I don’t care what anybody says, “Drugs are drugs whether they are prescribed or street drugs.” I cannot speak for all street drugs and only tried cocaine but they all take a lot of money, the effect does not last long and you just want and rely upon more and more and they are doing nothing but wearing and tearing our inside of our bodies out and eventually will either kill you are cause something else to happen to you.

I am only speaking for myself here, but if you really believe that prescribed medications are helping you, think again and you had better try and find another way of healing and I recommend God ‘s healing foods!

I just want to say that I hope people are paying attention and observing what is going on with and to others and way too many are leaving up out of here way too young!

I am sorry what happened to Prince and I really wished that I had known him and was a real personal friend and wished I could have helped him, but since I did not get to help people who I loved like they were my family like Don Cornelius, Michael Jackson and Prince, I can at least help one of you.

Please, prescribed medications and especially pain medications, anti-depressants, high blood pressure medicine, etc. are not to be on for the rest of your life. Those pills are to help you help yourself and find ways to get yourself off of the medication by eating God’s food and heal thyself.

Eccl. 7 v 8  “Better is the end of a thing than its beginning, and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit”.  It is good to begin a thing but better to finish it.


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