To My Daughter by Valerie Cheers Brown

Dear Daughter:

I was very blessed on June 25, 1972 when this great bundle of joy came into our world. I was very young but when I saw you, I knew that I wanted you for life.

My life has been less than perfect. But having you was the greatest day of my life. I was young and not prepared and as I stress to many young mother’s today, having a child is way more than carrying a baby around in your stomach for nine months.  It is about eating right in the beginning and also during, and when you don’t; that baby will let you know. You kicked a whole lot and seemed very excited to get out into the world and I ate healthy mostly and my favorite food was I craved watermelon and pasta while carrying you! I guess this is why your Auntie Tam calls you Noodle as a nickname right now today!

But…now that you are here this is what I have enjoyed with you being my daughter. I enjoyed when you didn’t want to go to school on your first day, but it was so ironic I got to be a student teacher for your kindergarten class at Herzog Elementary and got told off when you got home because you said I embarrassed you.  You were a strong little girl, the same as you are right now today; as a woman and mother. You see you were a very bossy little girl and you stood up to me, the same way I was when I was a little girl. I guess this is why right now you are a Director at your organization and very good leader and when it comes to managing money, way better than your mom!

I am so very proud of you my daughter and hope you will always remember these points which I tried instilling into you when you were a little girl and even before you were born:  It’s alright to commit errors or mistakes. Also, it’s alright to be flawed. Always remember and don’t give anyone a chance to let you know otherwise! While whatever is left of the world may be compelling for you to look, act, and dress or be a certain way, I need to urge you to be only yourself. Try not to let anyone make you think otherwise, and always let God assume a part in your way of life as a person. Please learn to forgive and never hold grudges nor judge others and I cannot stress this enough.

I urge you to be yourself and don’t be afraid to be different, but I do want to encourage you to at least respect all people who you come in contact. There are so many people in this world exuding a life of hate for others and reality is, we need more people to love without any boundaries in this world. Love all as you would your neighbors as it says in the commandments in the Bible. And mainly, love people you don’t even know when you come into contact , as I hope others do unto you.  I am not telling you to be like me, but walk with your head high with the great posture of love for all, no matter what gets thrown your way my daughter and there will be many times that things will be definitely thrown your way.

If you ever feel alone, always know that God loves you and I surely do;  and will always be there for you unconditionally and I am your mom for life.  If you ever get to the place where you feel unwanted or unloved, always never doubt God first and He always loves you! I realize that you will make your own decisions as mother and daughter yourself but I pray with all of my heart you will come to find peace in Jesus arms and no matter where you are in life, His arms will always be open and willing to accept and forgive you as you are. I ask that you also learn to forgive others and you may not forget, but please always forgive them!

I would like you to always remember that you are my daughter for life, no matter what happens in life and you can always come and talk with me. This is the simple and powerful truth and is something that will keep our family strong, bonded and loving in an unshakeable way always!

My daughter, I would like you to know that I am your mom and you are my daughter and am never here to judge you or even make you regret having me as your mom. No matter what happens, we will always be able to talk to one another about anything you may be going through in your life. I want you to please know that there will be times when we will disagree and this is part of being a mother and being a daughter and most important a part of life.

Always know that I love you and want the very best and have always wanted the very best for you. I pray that will view me as a loving mother paved with the best intentions for her daughter. Your mother is very proud that she had you on June 25, 1972 and this was the happiest day of my life when you came into this mean ole world.

Now, you are a mom and I am so proud of you for being such a beautiful and a very wonderful mother and also, for making me a proud grandmother which is the best feeling ever, and for this I say thank you! I love my grandson, who will be a grown man one day and maybe even a father to his children; and for this I say thank you again my daughter and always remember your mom loves you unconditionally!


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