A Wish Come True by Valerie Brown Cheers

“Success never comes to look for you while you wait around.  You’ve got to get up and work at it to make your dreams come true”

~ Poh Yu Khing

“I have always been a big dreamer and  also have loved to dibble and dabble,  yet I need to turn into a writer.”

“I need to take advantage of my spirit and share my internal most contemplations.”

“I need to touch your heart with my words.”

“I want to create the magic for others that I feel when I curl up with a good book of inspirational quotes or quotes for entrepreneurs.”

“What I realize is that…. like everything else, this is a path you not only have to want, but you actually have to take.”

“A dream by itself just is not enough.”

“I thought I was taking a seat to examine a business procedure for another venture.”

“What wound up happening was that the spirit lifted the shroud from my eyes and told me stay on this path for getting better at my writing……and if you don’t do it, how can you expect to get better?”

“It made me understand that I have been diverting myself sufficiently long.”

“It also made me see that “one day” is presently..right now at this moment!

“There always has to be a day one.”

“A starting.”

“A cognizant decision to really do what your heart has been instructing you to accomplish for quite a while.”

“I have such a variety of reasons for alarm however.”

“Imagine a scenario in which I’m sufficiently bad.”

“Will individuals really need to read, yet another book from a Dreamer who keeps on regardless?”

“By what method will I emerge from the others?”

“Do I need to be the best, or is it enough to fulfill my goals or objectives?

“Consider the possibility that I put my heart into this book and it ends up being appalling.”

“Thus, I did what I have realized works for me.”

“Do I write what I love to write or do I write what those love to read?”

“So…what I have done is begun submitting works to various Facebook groups including those of my very own https://www.facebook.com/pages/Inspirational-and-Motivational-Instances-Quotes-etc/110782545765071 and/or https://www.facebook.com/pages/Till-Life-Do-Us-Part-Short-Stories/394659450657491 and more.”

“I have assembled blogs who offer dreams and informative information, just for fun blogs.”

“I won’t take this excursion alone… and have wanted others to participate with me on the Facebook pages I have joined but I have to participate with them.”

“I will incline toward them…. and thusly will be their support when the time comes.”

“This has dependably been the key to my prosperity.”

“Do you have a community that supports you?”

“What gives you the strength to carry on with your dreams?”

“Are you still just dreaming, or are you doing something about those dreams?”

“Please leave a comment or let’s start a discussion.”

“A twisted dream of chance and fate, is to have you back my loving mate. My arms out wide, it’s never too late. A wish come true, I just can’t wait.”

~ Valerie J Brown


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