Rulelogically Challenged by Valerie Brown Cheers

“It is never too late to become who you thought you should have been when you were young, even if we wait until we get older and wiser.”  Valerie Brown Cheers

As a kid hever was bent on following rules, not to say deliberately trying to break them either, but what I mean sometimes we must break the norm or rules to get others to understand that all people don’t think the same nor learn the same either! But this does not mean you are a bad illness waiting to happen either!

As a kid, would get red written up lots on my report card saying things like, “Mr. & Mrs. Cheers can you please speak with Valerie because she asks way too many questions or something like, “Mr. & Mrs. Cheers talk with Valerie and let her know that she needs to concentrate more on what she reads and maybe you can help her allowing her to read to you!”

I am quite serious and as I got older and took care of my mother, she often told me, “Now you know why we never addressed what your teacher wrote on your report cards and we would laugh.”  I also apologized because little did I know my parents knew me better than I knew myself and always knew I could be anything if I worked hard, especially my daddy!

Now, not saying that what my teachers were trying to do to help me be the best or even a better reader as they stated, which today I love reading and sometimes read 10 times, but not because I did not understand, but because the book was so damn good!

I know my teachers had my back and sincerely loved me and only wanted me to be a much better reader or understand and/or comprehend what I read, but because I did not think or understand like the other children, there had to be something wrong with me was totally out of the question?

But….because I did not think like the other children back then and even right now in our kids schools, teachers express that something is wrong with us because we don’t think like all others?

I beg to differ and think that we all basically do think alike if you are normal (as society states), but there are those who are quite and totally different from others and don’t think or understand what we read as being the same as all the so called normal do.

I will give you a sample of what I am speaking about! Now…tell me what you think when and after reading this sentence please: “You have just begun reading the sentence you have just finished reading.” 

According to “Distractify” this collection of words is a simple one, but its sole purpose is to take you on a chronological journey of words while making you uncomfortably self-aware. “I feel like this sentence is a test question and belongs somewhere on another planet for sure.”

“Distractify,” which by the way I love the humor of its name, yet truth about the English language and its word usuages can trip you up and also can show you exactly how crazy, yet makes you think, language around.

I assure you there will be many different understandings of this complex sentence and this is what the English language is designed to do and that is to think before write. And…depending on how various words are used, you must be very careful before using because it can change the whole entire thought of the sentence for sure.

Let’s do another one! Isn’t the English language words fun?

Check this sentence out and isn’t this a doozie? “When I tell you pick up the left rock, it will be the right one, and then only the right rock will be left.”

Easy, huh and no brainer and I will bet you if you line 10 kids up, what a funny laughing room this will turn out being with their understanding of what this sentence states!

This is so why allowing our kids to be creative and thinking for themselves is critical and there is no such thing as what we understand to be wrong, but teachers are still doing it and even in college!

What is wrong is not allowing any child, adult, etc.  to think for themselves and just allowing them from what they read explaining why they believe it means what it says.

Why does things have to be so complex, when a thinker is already being creative in thinking for themselves. I do honestly believe that this is why so many kids, including myself when in school, think of themselves as something wrong with them and will and can end up having complex problems, low self-esteem, etc. and carrying into their adulthood and will never get anywhere until they just start to really begin being themselves and learn that being different is a blessing!

It is okay to be different and being different allows you to be a leader and help others.

Another thing when I was in school I heard a lot was that I was way too bossy! Well, that being bossy can create a child who is a good leader for their siblings, and did I ever protect my siblings a lot and was even over protective especially of my one and only little brother!

If you looked at him too hard, I had words for you when I was in elementary school and he went to one school walking distance from the my school which I attended.  I would stand and wait until he got inside that school before I turned around and walked myself to my different school someplace else!

Also a bossy child can grow up to be a great leader some day, even if it takes them to be in their senior years to realize it.  “It is never too late to become who you thought you should have been when you were young even if we wait until we get older and wiser.”  Valerie Brown Cheers

Well, as an adult today, I still don’t believe in following all the rules and I call myself, Ruleogically challenged!

It is okay being different and don’t ever let anybody make you believe that because you are different you are not normal or a disease which nobody wants, but instead being different makes you able to help others see eventually, that being different is just fine and is a God given blessing given at birth when we are all born which makes you oh so very much more special than being normal!

“I tried to be normal once, worst two minutes of my life.” ~ Valerie Brown Cheers


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