Survey Along the Way by Valerie Brown Cheers

“Without dreams we reach nothing. We reach nothing without love, we feel nothing.  And without God, we are nothing.” ~ Valerie J Brown

Sometimes what we dream may not be what we expect! But it’s okay! But without dreams where we would be?

I have come to realize when things are meant, they will be what they really are….and what that is…..we will just have to wait and see won’t we?

We may think one thing, see another, and it may appear what it really is and not even that at all!

If you have a dream about traveling, taking a journey, or visiting somewhere else, you are having one of the most common human dreams the world over.

Jung wrote about such dreams as being commonplace.  In general, such a dream is about the journey through life!

Writing is such a comforting way of dealing with our dreams, Write it down and it is okay to just go crazy and dream!

Our dreams….. we could say are for  us to survey along the way.

Just in case that your destination was hindered along the way, or your method of transportation as postponed, this is a marker that something is impeding your way in life.

You may be on edge about not accomplishing objectives in life and you may need confidence in your capacities to get you to your destination in life. This is when these amazing angels come into our lives and encourage and they are there to help us and motivate us in our dreams.

In the wake of waking, in the event that you find that the hindrance is as yet posing a potential threat in your memory, it is a decent marker that you have to manage it and roll out an improvement to your life to empower you to proceed onward. It can be hard and even unbelievable but we can make it, just take following encouraging and positive others!

What would the world be without wonderful mentors and others who are there for our inspiration and for learning from?

Okay…..we must always keep in mind to survey the destination.

The destination itself is of enthusiasm to the fantasy translator.

Could say….. that you are traveling into the course of the rising sun, this is suggestive of fresh starts and energy, with the world laid before you. In the event that you are going toward the course of the setting sun, this can show maturing, development, and even demise.

The implications may apply to you by and by, or to a venture, or stage in your life. An imperceptible or fog covered destination is characteristic of expecting to go through a great deal of deterrents before you can at long last see where it is you are going……assuringly (in a very different manner for sure).

Question the snags you confront in an adventure dream.

It is essential to not surrender when you understand that you are confronting hindrances. Your dream world is opening up want to you. Put forth such inquiries as “what impediments are before me?”, “are my snags willful?”, “what components of my life require a decent shake-up to give me a chance to proceed onward?”

We got to survey the significance of a deadlock destination.

So you achieve your destination, yet all things considered to be an enormous dissatisfaction or a block divider with no further exit. What then?

This is suggestive that the way you have picked is not driving you anyplace that you truly need to be. Then again, it is of enthusiasm to note that coming to the destination is a more irregular dream – the voyage itself being a much more normal dream.

It is this that makes the coming to of the destination a typical dream and one that you would do well to regard. Ask yourself what way it is that you have decided to take after to no place and why you are picking this type of self-restraint.

Your brain is letting you know it needs to advance on to a more productive excursion and the time it now, time to relinquish a past that is keeping you down.

So, in some case this is a job for writing and expressing your feelings and passions come out we didn’t even know we had bottled up inside! It is a most amazing feeling when it appears or begins to happen.

Survey the pathway itself.

Is it accurate to say that you are going along a rough street strewn with potholes? Then again is the way smooth and clean?

These are genuinely straightforward implications – the smooth street is a simple way; the rough one is the hard way, with the more noteworthy measure of snags to your advancement. Apprehension of disappointment underlies the rough course.

Reminds me of the quote Les Brown quoted from his mentor, “If you do what is easy your life will be hard. If you do what is hard your life will be easy.”  And….is this quote ever so true!

Evaluate the the survey or view.

What are you going along your course to your fate? A visionary going through a rich woods is likely having a productive and pleasant life, loaded with the wonderment of all around.

Walking surely does help with balancing our thinking and puts creative thoughts into our minds along the path of the way!

A visionary going through a desert may be driving an existence fruitless of pleasure, sustenance (profound/passionate), or feeling desolate. A desert or tundra can likewise propose barrenness; an absence of imaginative start in work, home or play life.  Take a walk!

Survey any diverting misfortune along the way.

In the event that you envisioned that you got to be derailed lost amid your travel, this is again straightforwardly typical. Being derailed that something at present filling your consideration is diverting from the genuine objectives.

Getting lost is an illustration for being lost in life and not knowing your actual bearing. It can likewise imply that you are perplexed about losing your character and may just be that you are hysterically looking for a route back to the fundamental street, it can be demonstrative of your need to discover a guide to life and to shore up your shaky emotions about your life.

Finally, Survey your own restrictions in the fantasy.

It just may be that you are by one means or another impaired, for instance, limping, or on braces, amid an excursion dream, this demonstrates that something is keeping you down and obstructing speedier progress. In the event that you are going too quick, then it is likely you are speeding through something that needs better reflection to evaluate the possible results of what it is you are right now doing.

It could be that you are attempting to stay aware of another person, this is suggestive that you are falling behind in some piece of your life right now!

We must remember not EVER to forget that our God is a jealous God and we must not put any man before Him!


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