The Truth Will Set Us Free by Valerie Brown Cheers

“Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed.  It means the damage no longer controls our lives.”

DMSO - Nature's Healer by Morton Walker

First of all, I would just like to say thank you to Dr. Morton Walker and the many other doctors throughout this book. To find doctors who are actually healing and helping humans maintain better well-being should be shouted out to the world and it is positives such as this, which we rarely hear about.

What you are about to read is a bit startling and will share with you testimonies of those who have tried and used DMSO.  I want to share with you from my reading DMSO’s Nature’s Healer by Dr. Morton Walker by the author of the bestseller “The Yeast Syndrome,” by the way is another good read! I would also like to thank Chaz H for his blog DMSO: The Best Injury Treatment also!

I have no medical training, not a scientist and neither a chemist, but am knowledgeable enough to know something which may be worth researching even more from those who have used and may just be able to help others who suffer with excruciating pain to have less suffering.

I am  not professing to know it all, but I do know that when people have testimonies of what a medicine has actually done for them, it is well worth finding out much more and becoming knowledeable by using it myself and do plan and will give you my healing findings.  I have not done actual research yet, and have not spoken to any people who have actually taken DMSO, but am going to and will keep you updated. I did call Dr. Sultan’s office and spoke with the Nurse who answered the phone. I also plan on seeing Dr. Sultan and will keep you updated for myself.

This information, which I will share with you needs to be known and shared with our community at large. Now, what you do with it is up to you and I have decided that the public needs to know positive things which are happening when it comes to actually helping others. I intend on doing my own investigation and find those who have been healed using DMSO.  Getting the book would be highly recommended and the more of us who become interested in doing further research and actual investigation, the better.

Now, myself being born with degenerative disease am a happy camper to find doctors such as these in this book and it would be only God that directed this book to me for sure. So, I decided to share with you and hope you find it useful as well.  It is known not really as a cure, but for symptomatic relief.  But as I read the book, I beg to differ!

I found a doctor right here in Saint Louis in North County, and called and asked questions, and no wonder the office is still in business, because Dr. Tipu Sultan, has and is still helping many maintain better and improved well-being of healing pain using DMSO!

You may ask what is DMSO?

The acronym is Diethyl Sulfoxide, and I find what it does much more important than what it is and “It gives relief for both acute and chronic pain, and that relief may last for six hours or more. A little bit goes a long way, and, unlike other remedies, the body does not develop a tolerance for it, requiring increasing amounts. If anything,  it is just the reverse; less and less is needed.”

First off, unlike aspirin or Ibuprofen, DMSO is a topical ointment. It’s applied to the skin over the injured area, and has the remarkable property of being able to absorb through the skin almost instantly. It’s clear and colorless, and has been around for well over 100 years. Strictly speaking, it is an industrial solvent, but it’s medicinal properties have been studied since the 1960s. It has also found use in the veterinary community as a liniment for race horses, but has never been FDA approved for human use as a general analgesic.

Despite the lack of FDA approval, DMSO is legal and is readily available and inexpensive. It’s usually available at veterinary supply stores, and (ironically) sometimes at natural food and holistic medicine stores (it’s actually available for purchase at It’s usually sold in a 99.9% pure gel suspension, although it sometimes also appears as a cream based product.

Mayo Clinic and DMSO

According to Mayo Clinic “Interstitial cystitis is the only human use for dimethyl sulfoxide that is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).”

The Mayo Clinic also “Claims that dimethyl sulfoxide is effective for treating various types of arthritis, ulcers in scleroderma, muscle sprains and strains, bruises, infections of the skin, burns, wounds, and mental conditions have not been proven.”

According to the Mayo Clinic “This medicine is available only with your doctor’s prescription. DMSO helps medicines get through the skin and can affect proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and water in the body.”

Of course, you will hear many negatives, but the good things DMSO seems to be doing outweigh the bad things being said and spoken about, so we must find out for ourselves.

Now according to the Doctors in the book, DMSO Nature’s Healer, it has no none side affects, but of course society begs to differ? There are all kinds of testimonies in this book, but this still does not necessarily means it is what it is, but I will find out for myself and again, will keep you informed of my findings.

What is Pain? I am sure all have had real pain one time or another in our lives, but pain which keeps you up, cancer pain, nerve pain, etc.   For those out there who knows what it feels like to not be able to sleep due to excruciating pain, due to the damaged nerves, etc. you may be very nterested in finding out more about DMSO.

Another good example of acute pain would be pain from knee surgery, and you would think since doctors sayt he surgery will help, but in many cases there is much more pain especially when it rains. Chronic pain is pain from an ongoing condition, such as arthritis.

According to Dr. Harry Szmant, Chairman of the University of Detroit’s chemistry department, explained that the liquid has a tremendous capacity to dissolve substances.  It is a reagent that can speed up some chemical reactions a “Billionfold” [pg 14].

Dr. Szman says, “The unique capability of DMSO to penetrate living tissues without causing significant damage is most probably related to its relatively polar nature, its capacity to accept hydrogen bonds, and its relatively small and compact structure.”  [p.14] “This combination of properties results in the ablility of DMSO to associate with water, proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acid, ionic substances, and other constituents of living systems.” [p.15]

This book has an Appendix which is a “Directory of Physicians Worldwide Who Can Provide Information on DMSO Treatment,” so please get the book and feel free to share this information. Getting the book would be well worth it and many parts of this book simply made me so puzzled as to why DMSO is not being used as a cure and even healing right now today?

What is going to be more interesting is visiting Dr. Sultan’s office.

Look for your city, state, or country in this book and it is all there for your reading globally! The United States starts with Alabama on page 272 through to the Wisconsin Dells and international begins on page 304 beginning with Australia to the West Indies ending on page 31

This book’s appendix can provide information on DMSO treatment and the many doctors follow the protocol of the American College of Advancment in Medicine.  The listing is also based on the membership directory of the American College of Advancement of Medicine (ACAM).

Please be aware that the use of DMSO is not approved or disapproved by ACAM.  The listing of ACAM members is provided in the appendix because these are open-minded, progressive, knowledgeable, skilled, and trustworthy physicians who know more about the applications and effects of DMSO than any other health professionals in the world.  They instill DMSO as part of their chelation therapy of patients.

For an updated directory of the most current listing of ACAM doctors in a particular geographic region, contact the American College of Advancement in Medicine, From my understanding you must become a member.

MEMBERS: We support practice growth through referrals, deployment of Integrative Medicine awareness programs, advocacy, legal support and education. Our members are listed first because our efforts are driven by their needs. JOIN ACAM

I desperately feel, we as humans must begin to take our lives into our own hands, read up, fess up and ask questions for own lives are only important to us in this society and if we don’t find methods to this madness ourselves, we all will shorten our lives. I do realize that death is inevitable and we all will one day, but way too many babies are being born will what society would call, “Adult illnesses,” i.e. asthma, arthritis, mental illness, cancer, etc.

This book even gives a testimony about a child who was born with down syndrome who was healed and was able to learn and go to school with other children?  What and why I truly am amazed at what has been written in the book is addressing mental health issues and illnesses and there are also testimonies, lots of testimonies speaking about in this book.


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