Tank the Helpful Dinosaur Books “Dear Mommy” by Valerie Brown Cheers

Dear Mommy:

“I am in your tummy for right now, and please eat right so that I won’t bother you at night.”

“Mommy, I just want you to know that if you eat the wrong foods I will keep you up by kicking you constantly.”

“I would love for you to start preparing and taking care of my food in your breasts because my life depends on it.”

“Mommy, please read to me while I am in here, and I love music too and my favorite is classical.”

“Classical music relaxes me Mommy and keeps me cool and calm and will help you sleep at night too!”

“Mommy, I just want to remind you that I hear everything going on out there, so please keep it down!”

“Oh! Mommy, last but not least when it is almost time for me to visit you and come to my new home, please be sure to play lots of music and my favorite is all music, but I mainly love the classics!”

P.S. “Mommy don’t forget that if you continue to play music and read to me. it will be easier for us both when it is time for me to come and live with you!”

“Mommy, in case I forget, I will see you when I get there and looking forward to meeting you face to face and I have loved you from the time you made me.”

“When you hear that first loud cry, it’s me Mommy I’m home!”
~ The End
Valerie Brown Cheers 5/17/2015


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