Improving Our Minds by Valerie Brown Cheers

Improving our life and our minds is not about being smart to me. Improving is a choice which we choose to improve our own mindsets. Being back in school, and struggling with College Algebra is teaching me that we can improve our own mindset if we choose to get better. I also believe that it also keeps us from becoming forgetful as we get older.

From constantly learning we are choosing to better our own mindsets and it is up to us if we choose to better ourselves and our minds.   Constantly learning allows us to keep focus and also learning different and new things constantly is a part of life and I always have said, “Life is a lifelong learning process” and this is when we choose to keep our minds alert and focused and constantly aware of what is going on around us.

Because we get older is a blessing from God and if you have the opportunity when you get older and say for example you have worked all of your life and now you choose to become your own boss, can be beneficial to not only yourself but being a leader for your peeers and your family.

I have found that when we work for ourselves, we work harder and why not because it is now our passion and you don’t mind working 24/7 for self? Of course, if you don’t love what you do, then it won’t matter and you will not work constantly and should find another passion.

But the wonderful difference is when we love what we do, automatically it will be priority and you will live to work. I go to bed thinking about work, dream about work and wake working.  Of course, we must know when to back away and allow ourselves to breath, which is hard for me being in the very early stages of becoming an entreprenaur!  But when all said and done, hard work will pay off in the long run!

I have worked all of my life for others and for some strange reason, have always had to fight for my pay. It was little too, yet I had to fight for something which I had already worked for and was always expected to wait until the next pay period. Who does this? And when you have worked and put in your 40 hours or if get paid weekly, worked 80 hours and sometimes even more, somehow, someway, my check would come up short. Then….I would always feel like I was wrong for fighting and wanting for what I had already earned.

Well, this is one of the main reasons that I am now working effortlessly harder than in my life before, but this time for me and with business partners, stakeholders, suppliers, vendors, etc. and getting to know what their jobs are by going back to school studying “Organizational Leadership” and only God has put me in this position where I am right now!

We sometimes think that we are where we are because of what we do, but it is never what we do and if you want to never have to worry about where your money is coming from for your next vacation or big conference with your mentors, you must work so hard that you are working as if you are already rich and even though we are not rich, we are in spirit because we know if we continue to work hard, we will eventually arrive at our destination of success.

I often consider success, where I am right now! I say this because I can come and go as I please! I can work until 4am in the morning and can start at noon if I choose to, but getting rest is essential so you can focus ane be ready for what just may come your way for learning. And being an entreprenaur is always about learning and leading and setting the standard and treating everyone exactly the way you want to be treated.

Treating everyone the way you want to be treated works and keeps confusion down, less stress and everybody which works with you is constantly thanking you for what you do for them all of the time. It is a good feeling being and treating your peers, mentors, etc. exactly the way you want to be treated and this is with the utmost respect at all times.

One of my mentors, Sir Richard Branson, who I so love his values says, “Whenever I am asked what is the missing link between a promising businessperson and a successful one, mentoring comes to mind. Giving people advice on how they can best achieve their goals is something that is often overlooked.” I highly respect Sir Richard Branson for this and to watch him is like watching the other teamplayers, and he is right there with them listening, learning, asking questions, allowing others to express their opinions, etc.

This to me is a true leader and one that holds his employees with high standard and respect, and he is part of the team and this so keeps down so much less confusion and helps make the whole team run smoothly too!

We can all learn every time a person opens there mouths and we can all listen too, and the more we listen the more we learn and the more we learn the more knowledge we have to share with others.

I close in chanting what my mentors says, “If you are looking to make your way in business, try to find a mentor. If you are in a position to share the skills you have learned, give something back by becoming a mentor yourself.” It works and when we work together as a team respecting one anothers opinions and questions, it creates this beautiful feeling that everybody is somebody and one big happy family uniting as one, who does what is most important creates happy customers!


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