Transportainment by Valerie Brown Cheers

The Clarksville Skylift as it looked in summer 2008.

It is time to plan for the future by beginning today! Anothere dream of mine has been to implement how important the use of over the ground public transportation would benefit here in my hometown, Saint Louis and other places too.

As a kid, my family visited the Clarksville Skylift in Clarksville, MO and it gave us a ride above the ground above the Mighty Missouri River, and I felt like I was on top of the world and could see everything for miles! What an experience and we were so very blessed to have parents which exposed us to many different cultures experiences and things some may call a bit crazy!

We also could get and drink some of the best fresh running water ever in Clarksville, Mo. People would come from miles around to get this great experience of what clean water really is and we are talking some of the best water ever!

When you saw and drank this water, you would know what good water means and we don’t have this anymore and why don’t we? It really reminds me of what Kangen water tastes like!

Cleveland has begun taking the first step and could be used as a model city which is making this dream project really happen and Cleveland has taking steps in saving our world and making a healthier lifestyle for people and making our roads, highways, biways so much happier from destruction and wear and tear on our minds, body’s and souls ergonomically and becoming more eco-friendlier too!

SkyLift will amplify Cleveland’s ability to provide outstanding public transportation to its community. Public access to various waterfront amenities is currently limited and congested. SkyLift would boost accessibility and use, allowing the public to enjoy the many diverse offerings of the coast without having to worry about the logistics of getting there.

I can see this working very well in Saint Louis with proper planning and a perfect beginning experiment could be set up at the Hanley Metro Station off Highway 70 and Hanley! Here is where you can catch the train/or bus.

As it stands, there is no public transportation at all going into Saint Charles County I don’t belive and what about those who may work there and don’t drive or even have proper means of transportation. This way more could be reassured that there is sufficient means of getting to work and on time with Metro Skylift running very frequently during morning hours!

What would be good if they could try this out with all of the wide open space available in the air with hardly no wires which is good so they could be installed specifically for the Metro Skylift only.

The first test project could start from the Hanley Station going across the highway to Saint Charles where you would get there so much quicker than driving, and could run continuous especially morning work hours which is the most importan and I assure you would help improve absentism and tardiness also!

The Metro Skylift could be an alternative in case you miss your bus or better still, can be alternative where we would or eventually only have buses as backups and especially during rush hour, both could even work! We could eventually lessen drivers, buses and help our planet with sustainablity going eco-friendly in the friendly sky!


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