Saved by the Box by Valerie Brown Cheers

You may wonder what I mean by “Saved by the Box.” Well, many were blessed the other night and it was so funny how the Charter Communications went out the night of the big fight everybody could hardly wait for! It tickled me and since I don’t watch the tellie, didn’t really bother me, but what made me realize that it had even gone out was my family was at my home earlier that evening before this way big fight and the tellie just went out and so did they.  It went off about 8ish or so I do believe, and it was so funny if you ask me.

The things we call entertainment in this country or society are pretty amazing. Are we not a violent society that can even rationalize a fight as entertainment where one person knocks another person upside the head and eventually one either gets knocked out or falls out from a way too hard blow to the head?  Seems to me nothing lately on either the news, newspaper, etc. is about something violent and it is sad if you ask me this is no different from what is going on within our communities around the world as we speak.

I know many will disagree with me, but what is this really saying and when our kids get into a fight with another they get punished or even suspended from school, yet millions of people pay to watch people on a television set or big screeen which many call it, where people get all dressed up to sit outside of a ring viewing this and this is considered legal entertainment.

The weirdest thing was the cable went out and not just in my hometown of Saint Louis, but it was universal all across the nation on that particular night when that big fight everybody was ranting and raving about was to be shown.

You know it breaks my heart the things for which people spend money on in this country. This particular night for which our home cable went out, I decided to Google to see what actually was happening.  In the back of my head I knew that it was awfully weird, yet I did not care one way or another, but knew it had something to do with that fight or as society calls it entertainment for the big night.

What Charter actually did was saved many from having a very high cable bill. The television shows nothing of any substance if you ask me and with Google and other internet choices, who needs it, at least not myself and this is why I choose not to watch television hardly at all!

I guess you probably say, who cares and that is what I say about that fight, but I just thought it was pretty ironic and then the most intriguing part was how the cable came back on at the end of the fight? Pretty amazing if you ask me? Just thought I would mention my thoughts as if anybody cares.

So I did and now I am out of here but one last thing!

Thanks Charter  Communications for saving many from having to pay for a fight, and they were definitely “Saved by the Box.”

Hey come to think of it; when is the date for the big fight when somebody boxes the cable companies for overcharging their customers and giving us nothing in return? I will go to that and make sure I get a VIP front row seat too for what they charge me is really high!


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