Unwritten Letters To You by Valerie Brown Cheers

“You don’t have to see a person for years to fall in love with them all over again.” ~ Valerie Brown Cheers

This is a story about a true and dedicated girl named Valencia, who fell in love for the very first time in her life. You will never believe how it happened!

It started a few years back, when she first found her first love, whose name was Jerome. They had been in each others lives over 30 years ago, and they had not seen each other in person neither in all of that time!  When they departed each other, she gave up on him, they found each other again.

Valencia knew it was meant to be when they first talked again after all of that time, and it was quite ironic how they found each other again. They sort of found each other through Google and Facebook. She first saw him on Google and then it told her where she could be his friend and the rest was history.

You see they both had published books, and it was for some strange coincidence they both were purple jacket covers of their books and she saw his book, while searching for very own and his popped up and when she saw him, she was excited as can be when she saw his face on that book cover. Also, again both books had the color purple as their background of their books!

“It was ironic, really ironic,” she thought and she knew that right there that was nothing but God, which led them both together again, and  God even chose that color for their book covers. And fate has it, that he also published his very first book and it was purple too. As a matter of fact, the story begins like this.

When they first found each other, he had been looking for her, but he was looking for her name which he knew her as when they last saw each other, and she had since remarried and her name changed.

The story has it that those two books, which they had each produced and published, are what really found each other; and it was way before they even knew each other had each published books, and it was nothing but fate which they had both chosen purple of their book jackets!

Anyway, it all began with them both thinking about what they both once had shared; which was so ironic and when they did eventually find each other, he reminded her just how special she really was to him.

He told her that she was the first he had introduced to his mom, she was the first of many things which we will keep as  their firsts and their secrets and we may just tell one day, but for now they will remain as secrets.

This made her really begin to put two and two together, and also made her think, “Wow, Jerome really did care about me,” and she never even considered those things which he shared with her as being that special or as being personal memorable things when just maybe, a person really cares a lot about you and thought you were somewhat special to them.

Valencia had remembered things which her grandmother use to tell her about how a man or a womanwhich would be a way of showing when each really cared about each other and this was truly one of them after he told her.  She smiled and thought, “We must really be meant to be back together and this was exactly what he had made her realize.”

The plot thickens and they talked and were so happy that they had found each other.

At the time they found each other, she was not in a relationship, but she was not sure about him. But from then on, she definitely saved her heart for Jerome explicitly!

She prayed constantly and prayed that he would find a place in his heart for her. God showed Her “Child don’t give up, but nothing worth having will come easy.”

You see, she loved this man so much and it was love from first finding each other for her. Again, she was not sure about him. She had trust issues from previous relationships, and had prayed so much to God, that He made sure that this was the right person for her to spend her life with.  And did He ever make her wait and she was working for the Lord 24/7!

Sometimes, when people are over 50 they tend to get set in their ways and she had begun to think that he may just want to play the field or even just be by himself, but either way she was not going to give up on him especially if it was in God’s plan for she and this amazing man to reunite once again!

So, they talked and spoke not that often; but when they did speak, it was true friends for life, and they just picked right up where they had left off from last conversation, like it was yesterday.

You see good friends, don’t have to speak everyday, or even once a year, but when they do, they are still good friends, just like they had talked the previous day.

This man had thought that this special woman was some sort of a stalker at first when they first found each other, but eventually he realized that she was not giving up on losing him for the 2nd time again and that she was the real deal and this was just what he had been longing for.

And…you better believe Valencia was more determined than ever of not losing Jerome again, and he finally saw that she was not only consistent, but she was persistent, patient and she must really care or she was crazy in love!

So, the relationship began, and it was a long distance relationship like none other.

You see, most could not do what these two beautiful individuals did and they still after all of those years from last seeing each other, still remained good friends from faraway and she did not give up at all.

It would seem he would not give up on her either, but when God puts us through his tests, it brings this peace about and this sense of patience which is most of the time, but there are sad times when you are longing to see this person whom you are in love with too, but you learn to be patient with prayer.

Most of all God assigns these incredible angels who inspire and motivate you too. She knew Jerome like none other sweet gentle man, he would always make sure she would smile or laugh and he could tell when she was sad.

It seemed like everytime she tried to see him, something stopped them from seeing each other. So, she took it that God was not ready for them to meet, so she would pray and wait and wait and pray!

The most incredible thing was, neither of them would become upset when their plans to see each other would fall through. This was totally nothing but God!

It was really hard because she really wanted to see him, but for Godly reason, and only Him, it did not seem to bother the two of them.

Deep down in each other’s heart, they were close, and sure they wanted to see each other, but they both believed in God so much that what He planned would be so much bigger for them both, and what He did was what they had to do so they worked together!

They would work together so much, that eventually they both would become so wealthy owning businesses with partners, he would do his music promotions, and helping others which he was so brillantly wise at doing.  Jerome was a very creative man and when it came to music he was a wizard and with them working together, she started knowing music pretty good too.  So God had it where Valencia and Jerome would work together but with distance between them both.

They would work so much better apart from each other than together.

They both understood that God had a plan which was so much bigger for the two of them, therefore, even though they longed to see each other, they patiently waited.

The wonderful thing about this man is that he made a record earlier on when she cared a lot about him, but he was not quite sure yet, if she was the one, but then he may have.  Valencia listened to that song’s lyrics and the lyrics stated that nobody knew her and he wanted to bring out the best in her so she would shine and others would get to know who she really was.

He knew somewhere buried way down deep inside that this woman had talents. This was such a God like man and Valencia was truly blessed to have him be a part of her life.

He was so right for her, and with God and their patience while praying for each other, “Things were working out for the both of them” she thought. The things which God brought out of this amazing woman were phenomenal and she could not hardly believe all of the things which she had wanted to do, she was actually doing right now at this moment.

This wonderful man was so kindred spirited, soft spoken, patient, willing to give her space, and just loved her so much that they began sending each other messages through beautiful music and we do mean all kinds of music.

There was so much music played, poems written, quotes written, stories, etc. that they both should have made the Guinness Book of World Records for long distance love without not even seeing each other for all of that time of waiting.

You could really say that music was the medicine which gave them both patience, space and perserverance to wait all of this time before actually seeing each other.

You see this amazing God they both believed in was bringing all kinds of talents out of Valencia, which she did not even know she had in her. She did but she had so much anger, resentment, forgiving and she had to begin to love herself all over again from her past which was right where it belonged again, in her past.   Valencia had moved past those things which she had also forgiven and even forgot also! Valencia had to learn how to forgive before anything came to fruition which gave her the ability to do all what she was doing!

She was writing poetry, inspirational quotes, just doing all kinds of beautiful things to make this world a better place as assigned by God. Valencia prayed, treated people the way she wanted to be treated, prayed, forgave, forgave, prayed and she even forgot many negative things, and this is what allowed her to shine again as she did when she was a child.

It had even gotten to the place where she would just see an amazing piece of artwork and a story, poem, or quote would come to mind; and she was pumping out so much, she did not realize what she had actually started doing.

It was unbelievable and her dream was always to become a writer one day and she was heading just into that direction! She also had all kinds of ideas and inventions in her head, which God had given to her and she was working with them day in and day out and never giving up, not once and creating and praying and praying and creating became her lifetime passion.

She owed all of this to God first and foremost, but this amazing man Jerome, had a whole lot to do with this and she knew what kind of class act, business type person he was and she had always dreamed of being with a man who had visions just like she had and would allow her to pursue them.

So, they Jerome and Valencia together long distance, and there were all of these amazing angels which God had started putting into her life also and the strangest, yet most beautiful thing was, how he would stay backstage, in a way of speaking where nobody would see him, but she could feel him all of the time, but she also knew when he was not there too.

She knew God had put she and this amazing man together for beautiful reasons, and they both were working themselves to a frenzy so much that something beautiful would come out of it all through much prayer and diligence and obedience to God.

You see, this was nothing but God, which had brought these two together; and when she first started to writing, her passion and dream was to start her own business and she even did that too.

Even though it was very hard in the beginning and not making money was not even important to Valencia but again, all of these amazing stakeholders, partners started coming into her life or their life, and it was remarkable!

You see Valencia was very consistent and always good about treating all people the exact same way she wanted to be treated most of the time; and you know what, it never fails and you can not go wrong treating others exactly the way you want to be treated!

Although, it was very hard and they had more good days than bad ones, but they missed each other a lot and she constantly wondered, “How can you possibly miss somebody so much  who you had not seen in over 30 years?”

This when she realized that for the very first time in her life, she was actually in love! Yes, this was the very first time in her life she was in love with her first actual love of her life.

God takes those away from us, but He also brings them back in due time if it is meant too!

Jerome and Valencia were two of the most patiently and in love people ever and nobody on this planet earth could do or experience what they shared, nobody!

Valencia remembered hearing all of the time as a kid and adult “That long distance relationships could not work!” That is the farthest from being so not true and when Love is part of the picture and when God is in the picture, anything is truly possible!

So, these two lovely and wonderful people, Valencia and Jerome still remain friends, but secret lovers you could say. We will see what happens and more coming soon! ~ The Beginning


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