“The Courage of Walt Disney” by Valerie Cheers Brown

“All life is built on cycles, and the mentrual cycle is one normal and natural part of natures’s eternal plan for passing on the gift of life.” ~ Walt Disney

If I cannot say anything good, I will shut up and history and many others, have said how Walt Disney did not allow women in many of his cartoons and how racist he was, but with much research I am finding quite the opposite, and never got to meet the man actually to see if he would have liked myself! lol Well, I can see nothing but postive and also courage for doing a movie such as this.

The first video, which I will share with you should be shown right now today, to all girls as a group at home and in schools! This is something which in the early 1900’s many women kept secret and thought this was voodoo and would invite a girl to start having sex.  Many didn’t even want to share with our daughters and it took great courage for a man, such as Mr. Disney to produce a movie which explains life as it is!

This is good good stuff here, and I thank Mr. Disney for his courage and concern for girls, which many said he stereotyped. All I can say is the man was not perfect and neither are we! Why this would be so weird and women still are stereotyped and not treated equal to men today in 2015 is amazing to me!  This is truly showing how common sense come into to play with all life situations, and we women must go through a monthly menstruation period once a month; until we get to be a certain point at our lives, which really depends on the individual woman.  I also mainly love how he addresses how our posture is most important and what and how it can cause problems for our body too, if we don’t keep good poise!

If you ask me Mr. Disney had great courage, and lots of mothers did not even dare tell their daughters this.  It was a bad thing to be talk about menstruation and sex, so girls would be aware of what to expect as becoming a young lady and then a woman. Hope you enjoy this!   He even talks about things TANK talks about how we carry our body and the way our body needs correct posture, drinking lots of water, eating lots of fruits, etc. Kudos to this video with great stuff here!

I  know when I was a young girl this, was not even to be talked about and girls were lied to; and told that if they had sex, they would get pregnant, but nobody had courage to show something so well needed as this film. I think this should have been showed in schools to boys and girls, for knowledge and lies and secrets were what was accepted.

I tip my hat to Mr. Disney for making this which really should have been shown in schools and can still be shown. It took courage and seems to me that he wanted to educate girls and knew if girls were educated, they would not only take care of their bodies, but to make great diferences in the world. This good and viable stuff here and should be known to all girls! Great video and thanks Youtube.

This video “Walt Disney The Story of Mentruation” was banned and created in 1946.

The next one was banned altogether and really needs to be seen when we talk about well-being and importance of our health and wellness: Cleanliness Brings Health https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOA-YYlePds&list=PLQUX_m7lQOcnHQ5lqLdBHzUAvSuNKU9fh&index=1

The next one was made in 1946 we do believe “The Unseen Enemy”

I want to cry happy tears about this one and the man was amazing and I love his work, and this is something which is so true and nobody wants to hear nor see the truth and the enemy is not knowing or disease! Wow, and we he talks about disease in water, it gives me goosepimples.  The only thing I did not like was when he spoke about the microscope and the doctors, but it is this thought which is most wonderful!.

Just think Mr. Disney used his work to help all people, and we just had to research and find the things he did for the world.  It is amazing how good things which we need to know are not shown, but bad things are surely shown and the most horrific thing is, we believe them and all bad things travel very fast and people tend to believe what they hear and see as well sometimes!  You will be most surprised to see what Mr. Disney was doing besides making animated cartoons. ~ Enjoy!

The next one was made in 1944 and is called: “Prenatal and Postnatal Infant Care and Feeding/Educational Video

This is what TANK speaks about a whole lot about how important it is for feeding for our babies and we hope you enjoy this one too~ It brings sweet happy tears when we found all of the wonderful things which TANK and myself are trying to keep up as Mr. Disney, but in a sort animation way for all to learn from both adults, mothers, children and in schools as part of an educational curriculuum!   Things like this some of us don’t learn about until we actually become mothers!

I pray and am going to use this amazing information and Mr. Disney was way over and beyond a caring person for mothers, girls, women and their babies too! He was a kindred person who cared about women and so many said bad things about this man, but I am here to say he was so much more! Thank you and R.I.P. Mr. Disney and we promise ot keep your legacy up through animation knowledge! TANK loves you too!

United States Information Service. Infant Care and Feeding. AVA04519VNB1 – 1944. This video uses animation to show things a mother should do during the prenatal period, while baby is nursing, and when baby changes from a liquid to a solid diet. Producer: United States Information Service. Creative Commons license: Public Domain

The next one is a Spanish version of “The Human Body” and could not find a American version! Mr. Disney was way before his time for sure! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNwHiXn5MvI

The next one”Planning For Good Eating” was also banned in our country! It makes you wonder why many of these very insightful videos are not being shown, doesn’t it?

Of course there were many were misleading and one in particular was “Education for Death: The Making of the Nazi (143) – WW2 Animated Propogranda Film by Walt Disney. But, then you don’t know when Mr, Disney was serious or not, but what better way to get the message out to people, but through animation and make it funny, yet giving some information, which again, is pretty misleading to us?

“But wishes are only granted in fairy tales.”
Simone Elkeles, Perfect Chemistry

  • n. a. dir. Disney ’46 The Story of Menstruation. Written by n. a. Walt Disney Productions, 1946. available: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_l9qhlHFXuM Access: 7 October 2011.Geronimi, Clyde dir.
  • Education for Death. Adapted by Joe Grant. Walt Disney Productions, 1943.
  • Geronimi, Clyde dir. Planning for Good Eating Written by n.a. Walt Disney Productions, The U. S. Office of Inter-American Affairs, 1945

Check out the Walt Disney Health and Wellness Center for their employees and we think other organizations around the United States could use one of these. We firmly believe with caring about our employees health and well-being, it will decrease absentism, tardiness and lower medical and/or health insurance cost because less people would be sick!  

Soothe your mind inside this full-service exercise facility and sauna offering a host of massage and facial services

Entrance to a brown-colored building with sign that reads "STURDY BRANCHES HEALTH CLUB"

Magic Kingdom Resort Area “The Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge”  https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/spas/wilderness-lodge-resort/sturdy-branches-health-club/

“When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than any talent for abstract, positive thinking.”
Albert Einstein


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