“Change Your Life, By Healing With Water.” ~ Valerie Cheers-Brown

Psalm 23:2 ESV

He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters.

F. Batmanghelidj, MD has written three books: Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, which has been translated into six languages, How to Deal with Back Pain & Rheumatoid Joint Pain and ABC of Asthma Allergies & Lupus Eradicate Asthma – Now! He has also produced numerous special reports and videotapes. Dr. Batmanghelidj dedicates his time to promoting public awareness of the healing power of water. Sit back, get a glass of water and enjoy.  “Today, we have an MD with us, who has written a ground-breaking book, The ABC’s of Asthma, Allergies and Lupus: Eradicate Asthma – Now. That was the phrase that jumped out at me personally. On occasion, I’m one of those who has a problem with an asthma thing which I hope to get rid of now with the help of Dr. Batmanghelidj.”

I have been following Dr. Batmanghelidj, and feel legitimacy in his works and have a testimony that water is a healer and does heal our bodies! I have a very old book which was given to me by the Washington University Becker Research Library.  Wash U knew what I was researching, and set many other useful books, along with this one, and I thank them deeply!

When I read this amazing Dr.’s book, it made me want to do more to get people to realize that our bodies need more water than anything else we put into ourselves. I drink so much water and know it has helped with much worse things which have been put into my body over the years, i.e. prescribed medicines, etc..  Being born with degenerative disease or scoliosis, made me all the more inquisitive in beginning to change my life by drinking and living for drinking plenty of water.

Lot of evidence says they think Dr. Batmanghelidj is a quack, but anything which we may find hard to digest, can be considered as fantasy. Also, as getting older am finding too, that truth is scrutinized by many to make others not believe. But, when you have actually been cured and have less pain, due to what he is saying to be true, you cannot help but to believe this amazing individual.

No matter what others may think, believe or even write about this incredible person, if I have nothing good, I might as well not say nothing at all! I have nothing but good to say about Dr. F. Batmanghelidj and also when God sets you still and things such as this book come to you, He has given these things to us for a great reasons to help and save our world from further catastrophe!

When it all boils down to really matters is having faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ who says when we believe and hold onto his hand, we will receive and this can be healing as well! I can testify this!

Dr. Batmanghelidj was detained for political law violations in Tehran’s notorious Evin jail. Various his kindred detainees had beforehand been diagnosed with peptic ulcer ailment (PUD). Their manifestations repeated in prison and didn’t react to Cimetidine and stomach settling agents. Dr. Batmanghelidj gave a detainee with intolerable agony two glasses of water. The torment vanished totally following 8 minutes.

Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, writer of Your Body’s Many Cries for Water and Nutritionist, Christopher Vasey, N.D., writes in The Water Prescription that “when individuals consume to fulfill what is really thirst, they build the requirement for water utilized as a part of processing. When we befuddle thirst and yearning, an endless loop is quickly produced, on the grounds that the more we consume, the more prominent is our requirement for water with which to make digestive juices.”

Drs. Vasey and Batmanghelidj quality a few different conditions, at any rate to some extent, to constant drying out; including joint inflammation, hypertension, headaches, back torment, peptic ulcers, dermatitis, ailment, elevated cholesterol, untimely maturing and that’s just the beginning. The conclusion: drink more solid water.

When you are got dried out, your body quits depending on crisp water coming in and starts reusing what is accessible. Reusing what has as of now been utilized, fails to possess the correct supplements and pH parity for the body to work adequately.

“Water is the premise of all life and that incorporates your body. The muscles that move your body are 75% water; your blood that vehicles supplements is 82% water; your lungs that give your oxygen are 90% water; your cerebrum that is the control focal point of your body is 76% water; even your bones are 25% water. Our wellbeing is genuinely reliant on the quality and amount of the water we drink,” states Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, driving worldwide power on solid drinking water.

Dr. Batmanghelidj’s spearheading work demonstrates that Unintentional Chronic Dehydration (UCD) adds to and even delivers torment and numerous degenerative infections that can be anticipated and treated by expanding water allow all the time. What’s fascinating to note, Dr. Batmanghelidj’s states “the human body is made out of 25 percent robust matter and 75 percent water; mind tissue is 85 percent water. When we starve our body’s cells of water, they begin to gripe and set up numerous antagonistic responses.”

Dr. Batmanghelidj’s discoveries reason that “dry mouth is not by any means the only indication of drying out and holding up to get parched isn’t right. Torment in the body is an emergency call of the body for water. Thirst ought to be forestalled at any expense. At the point when the body does not get enough water and you have torment, this is a certain indication of drying out.”

In an interview http://www.phenomenews.com/nov2005/0a.htm Dr. F. Batmanghelidj he says:

“The best thing is to drink water before food. Drink water half an hour before food if you’re a heartburn sufferer. That is the best time because that water will go into the stomach and then into the intestines and get absorbed. Then that water is re-secreted entirely in the stomach, simultaneously priming the mucus membrain to receive food. And, water is in the stomach to be used for liquefaction of food – to break it, to prepare the food into smaller particles so they can be absorbed. That is what water does. If you don’t drink water beforehand, the body doesn’t have enough water that it can liberate for other activity. Any water that is in your body is already engaged in an activity. You need fresh water for fresh activity. If you’re introducing solid food, this is a fresh activity. You need fresh water to dissolve it and break it down.”

“Basically, the major pains of the body, such as, heartburn, rheumatoid joint pain, back pain, colitis pain, migraine headaches, fibromyalgic pain, even angina pain are signs of dehydration in the human body. Where you have pain, it’s showing that that area is dehydrated. The mechanism is very simple. Toxic chemical waste builds up when you don’t drink enough water. If there is not enough water to wash away the chemical toxic waste from an area that is still active metabolizing, then toxic waste builds up. It is just like the garbage collector not collecting the garbage that you are still creating and putting it in front of the house to be cleared away. When that garbage doesn’t get cleared away, in time it will become stagnant and it will produce stench in your environment. It is exactly the same in the environment of the cells in the body. When there is activity, there is a build-up of toxic waste. If that waste is not cleared up, the environment becomes pungent. It will become acidic and this acidic toxic environment is sensed by the nerve endings in the area. The signal is sent to the brain and the brain registers it with our conscious mind in the form of pain. Pain means build up of toxic waste where you have the pain. All you need to do is to wash that toxic waste by drinking more water, letting it circulate to the area, clean the area, wash the toxic waste, bring it out into the circulation and then pass it out through the kidneys or neutralize it in the liver or some of the gases could be passed through the lungs. That’s what pain means. There are a 110 million Americans who have pain, not knowing that they didn’t drink enough water to wash the toxic waste out of their body.”





Water is life’s mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water. ~  Albert Szent-Gyorgyi


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